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AIM, a class for learning the Biblical approach to finding a job, helps those who are unemployed, misemployed or underemployed build their faith in Christ and seek His guidance in regard to their work.This class will not replace the responsibility of searching for a job, but it will teach you to discover the purpose in your work.

We invite you to sign up for a class; you never know what God has waiting for you.Membership is an important part of the Victory experience; it’s the starting point for understanding our church values and vision.What better way to start a relationship than to spend a few hours understanding why we do what we do and where we’re headed in the future?Mature mentor couples help each mentored couple explore their relationship with the guidance of curriculum.Some of the topics include communication, conflict resolution, financial management, spiritual beliefs and relationship roles.But, since I know how anal Taylor is about products she puts on her face/body & the fact that she sells them I felt so much more comfortable knowing that she wouldn't sell something she doesn't believe in. Alcone Makeup Remover Cloths These are the first makeup wipes I have used that don't burn my eyes at all. I was using the blue pack of Neutrogena & it's okay but burns the shit out of my eyes. Perfect Mascara I prefer a rubber wand (most of my friends prefer a brush, so it's a personal preference). I especially love it when I am blending my strip lashes in with my natural, terrible lashes. Lime Light Sponges These sponges are so freaking awesome. Glamcor RIKI Skinny Mirror This is my favorite beauty product I own. When Taylor told me about this I was very hesitant. It's less than 0, has lights that can be adjusted, you can put your phone on it & use the lighting to film or take pictures, it has a magnifier that you can stick on, it has a stand to turn it either way AND you can hold it in your hand and move with it without having a stand attached.


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