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Dating from June 1901, the photographs on the pages relate to a boating trip taken in 1901 on the Great Ouse by four friends.

Quite probably inspired by Jerome K Jerome’s “Three Men In A Boat”, this particular group’s adventure saw them rowing from Ely to Kings Lynn with overnight camping stops along the way.

““ As a footnote – I haven’t been at all active with the website of late as I’ve been coping with a family illness and bereavement during the last four months.Others have fallen into traps in the West and wish they would never have known what the internet was.This is the case of one Cameroonian, Elvire Axelle Tchamakoua. Axelle is prostituté who is pimped to various men by her main man Jean Claude (French Businessman).Whilst I usually concentrate on photographs and history of the Norfolk Broads, this is a little curio which I picked up for next to nothing recently and thought might be of interest.These were a few pages which had been torn from a personal journal of an unknown diarist who, I think, may have been a university student.The shocking part of it is that, Axelle is a 24 years old girl with a Formal Training Certificate in Aesthetics and Beauty.


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