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See more » Now we know that being a murder suspect can be yet another opportunity to land a piece of ass.

If only "Skinemax" could offer us gay boys something like this.

I couldn’t find a single LGBT person outside my closeted circle of friends.

'Go back into the sewers where you come from' was the advice of one New Zealand politician to homosexuals.

No longer would men having consensual sex with each other be liable to prosecution and a term of imprisonment.

Sex between women was not illegal, but many lesbians suffered the same social discrimination as gay men and were staunch supporters of the reform movement.

Clementi, also 18, jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge which links New Jersey and New York after reading messages on the Twitter social network which indicated that Ravi had seen him kissing his older boyfriend via the webcam on his computer.

Ravi, who sent his friends a series of text messages, emails and Tweets about what he had seen, is not charged in connection with Clementi's death in September 2010, but is accused of tampering with evidence and a witness by trying to cover up his spying.

Add effects to your Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube profile pics.

And worse, all of this is happening largely out of sight, as other West African crises capture the world’s attention.

Gay visibility is at an all-time high in much of the West, but in West Africa, any tenuous gains that may have been achieved are quickly fading.

The difference between Open Cam and a porno is that pornos usually have less blood, better acting, and a few more sex scenes.

It offers moments of unintentional-but- hysterical camp, and Amir Darvish was often impressive as Detective Hamilton.


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