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They speak to people who’ve endured these practices and now are working to stop them.

The film is available online and has been shown at international conferences discussing the future of Cameroon.

The Anglophone problem is a set of demands formulated in various ways and on many occasions by Anglophones in Cameroon.

These are identity and language claims that actually question the form of the State.

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But for Galle Mambo and Shneider Remi Adams, two budding filmmakers in Bamenda, Cameroon, asking tough questions about their culture and seeking answers from leaders about how to make change has begun a conversation about the future of their culture.

The teens worked with the local nonprofit Advice Media, which trains students in journalism and advocacy, to create a documentary film called “Hidden Truths: Exposing Cultural Practices That Hurt Teen Girls in Cameroon” about some of the gender-based issues teen girls face in their community.

This can only be achieved through a serene and honest dialogue with the real representatives of the angry but not desperate Anglophone community, whose obvious wish is to be considered and listened to, and not insulted or ignored as it has so far been the case. Maybe the average Francophone cannot fully grasp the problem with Anglophones.

Only the one wearing tight shoes can feel the pinch, but the powers that be should understand it and stop turning a blind eye to the issue.


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