While the former is graphic and modern, the latter was clearly fussy and archaic.The choice of color scheme not only makes the watch look more interesting, but also greatly increases its legibility thanks to an extremely high level of contrast and a generous amount of luminous substance.You may enter as a guest login or create a chat profile to login as a member.If you are already a member please enter your membership registered email and password on the lower portion of the login roju freega aunty ni chudochu anukuni vellamani nenu rana anna .anduku andhi veepu thomutha anna.vadhule andhi.aunty bath roomki velli saree teesesariki vallantha tellaga vundhi.pukupi ventrukalu chala vunnay.aunty nuv bayataku vellu ani bayataki vellinattu velli bathroom loki aunty ki telikunda velli aunty salu gattiga pinda autny he siva antidhi ani nannu kotti pommandhi.a roju 9t aunty malli palu techi ichi sry ami matladaledhu.aunty anti kopame sare cheppu nee kopam taggalante ami cheyali palu taganu avi naa salla palu ra happy feel ayi nenu ila kadhu directga tagutha aite nenu neetho matladanu tagudhuv ganile mundhu palu tagu ave kavali anna.matavinavuga ani left sannu pi jacket piki athindhi sannu chala white ga vundhi.niple matram chala black ga agaleka sannu notlo pettuku ni cheekadam start chesa palu vastunay.aunty palu vasstunaya anna.ika priya unty tho ite rathri mogudithi pagalu natho aka dhenginchukovatame.aunty age 24.aunty ni hirst time chudagane dhengalanipinchindhi.While the Anniversary edition was delivered with Eterna’s own 3010 in-house caliber, the new watch is powered by a run off the mill automatic movement.

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