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Now, there's a big difference between being cheap and . In this economy, you can't blame a guy for being a little thrifty. But if he can't afford to take you to a proper dinner, he should be able to come up with a romantic alternative. My Episcopalian friends--I'll call them Sharon and Greg--are giving up sex for Lent. Lent, the 40-day church season that begins this week, is a time of fasting and repentance--a somber and reflective season that precedes the celebrations of Easter. But other than that, I'm pretty easy going, I swear! and we stagger into a burger joint, no prob at all.Evidently, this is not something I have in common with Kate Major, the one-time girlfriend of Jon Gosselin.Christians who observe a Lenten fast are both honoring and reenacting Jesus' forty-day fast in the desert. Many Catholic communities retain the practice of giving up meat during some days in Lent.At the end of those 40 days, Satan came to tempt Jesus--and the Gospel of Luke suggests that Jesus was able to withstand the Devil's temptations not despite, but in part because, of his fasting. Orthodox communities abstain from meat, dairy and egg products.

That being said, if a guy tried to take me on a date to a fast food restaurant, I'd dump him faster than you could say "super size me."Now let me clarify: If this is my boyfriend and we're just tooling around one day and decide to get some fries, great! But if, in the first blush of the relationship, he tries a little drive-thru dating, he's toast.

If I’d launched into full on sexting mode, she may not have ended up meeting me. The second text is a few days later, ironing out details for her to come over that evening.

Again, you’ll notice I’m keeping things very simple and logistical.

Forty days without making the beast with two backs.

Actually, Sharon is quick to point out to me that it's not quite as bleak as all that.


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