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Mr Mac Gregor explained that visitors will be warned about sexual content before entering the exhibition.

However, children under 16 will have to be accompanied by an adult.

Considering the puritanical understandings of sex that permeated Western Christian culture at the time, shunga is something of a beautiful anomaly.

The images were often commissioned by aristocratic males, though the artworks were also gifted to young brides as good luck charms and maturing young adults as educational materials, so they did not cater exclusively to the male gaze.

Finweek explores the internet firsts that were driven by the sex trade.

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And then there was the shunga, ink paintings and woodblock prints depicting couples, mostly heterosexual but some queer as well, getting it on.Shunga, or spring pictures, originated in Ancient China and were produced in Japan between the 16th and 19th centuries.They sought to depict the sometimes idealised sexual relations between ordinary people.Literally translated to "spring pictures," shunga date back to Japan's Edo period, from approximately the 17th to 19th centuries, when the country was experiencing a boom of economic growth and a new abundance of leisure time. While Edo-era Japan was characterized by a strict social order, and sexual digressions like adultery were strictly forbidden, there was a designated space where more salacious desires could run free: Ukiyo-e, the floating world.This cultural bubble was a legally authorized safe space where sexual pleasure ruled paramount.Every 39 minutes sees a new porn video being produced in the US.


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