What is validating identity wireless

With PEAP many organizations can avoid the issues associated with installing digital certificates on every client device as required by EAP-TLS; instead, they can select the methods of client authentication, such as logon passwords or OTPs that best suit their corporate needs.

Also PEAP is an enhancement of EAP-TLS authentication, PEAP encapsulates a second-phase authentication transaction within the TLS framework.

Login with your OCADU username and password and Click OKNote: Admin staff must put OCAD in front of Logon domain 9.

Deselect the check box for Automatically use my windows logon…and click OK and close all the windows. After the configuration is done a Wireless Network connection message will pop up,click on the message to start the login process 8.

However, if the model or the firmware version does not support Certificate Configuration yet, we may set up the Windows client not to verify the server's identity, and still do 802.1X authentication with Vigor Router or Vigor AP.

However, since version 1.1.7, Vigor AP supports Certificate Configuration which can generate the required certificate itself, and use it for 802.1X authentication.

Described here are the steps involved in configuring the Dell wireless client under Windows XP to use eduroam, authenticating via PEAP MSCHAPv2.

Your home site will be able to tell you whether PEAP MSCHAPv2 is the appropriate authenticiation method that you should use.

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You'll need a valid USERTrust primary root certificate in Privacy-Enhanced Mail (PEM) format to validate the IU Secure connection.

In first phase the client authenticates the server using a TLS -Transport Layer Security, certificate-based mechanism.

This establishes an encrypted tunnel through which the second-phase PEAP credentials may be securely exchanged.

You can validate your connection by specifying a CA certificate.

To validate your IU Secure connection, you'll need to download a CA certificate file to your Android device.


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