Xkcd acceptable dating ages

Many poeple laugh when they find themselves in situations which either do not go as expected, or when some danger is lifted.This is done to release tension which people experience in such situations, and which is unpleasant.

Yes there is always that guy in the bar that is inappropriate with women, and he will get noticed, but did anyone bother to look at the VAST majority of men who do not engage in that behavior.

Inevitably, unless you are quite disciplined, users will end up seeing their dates in your companies’ timezone.

Indeed I must confess to having used a variant of the image below in each of my seminar deck and – on this site back in 2009 – a previous article, A more appropriate metaphor for Business Intelligence projects.

These are also the same idiots who are getting into bar fights with other men.

This doesn't make it acceptable but it's hardly a hallmark of my "culture".


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