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For those who travel alone, the warmth of the natives is as important as the sites.

Some libertarians advocate laissez-faire capitalism and strong private property rights, seek to abolish capitalism and private ownership of the means of production in favor of their common or cooperative ownership and management, viewing private property as a barrier to freedom and liberty.A contestant on ITV's The Chase baffled viewers watching at home when she revealed that she thought the Statue of Liberty was pink.Quizzer Shauna, 50, was asked to pick from green, brown and pink for the question: 'The Statue of Liberty is a pale shade of what colour?'Viewers couldn't believe it when she chose wrongly - and were even more stunned when she justified her answer by saying pink was her favourite colour.Many viewers took to Twitter to express disbelief that Shauna believe the Statue of Liberty to be pink on last night's episode.Join now for free, and cruise over 300,000 member profiles in 500 cities worldwide! To use this feature, view more profiles and respond to member ads, JOIN NOW by posting your ad - IT'S FREE!


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    , was released in September to scathing reviews but he insists he is happy keeping a lower profile.